On April 19, 2016, Wolverine Technologies Corp. (“Wolverine”) signed a Share Purchase Agreement with Dr. David Chalk, a director of Wolverine, whereby Dr. Chalk will invest, one-third of the net proceeds received by Dr. Chalk from the sale of Dr. Chalk’s 15% interest in Decision-Zone Inc. (“DZI”), in a private placement of 400,000,000 common shares of Wolverine. Mr. Chalk’s interest in DZI is a potential acquisition target by a major technology company.

Please find below links to three of DZI’s videos.

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Please find a link below to the Investor Relation Page of Wolverine’s website for recent news releases relating to the Share Purchase Agreement with Mr. Chalk.


DZI is the leading developer of next-generation cybersecurity and business efficiency technology. DZI developed and patented dzAudit technology. The patent for dzAudit was issued on March 15, 2011, see link below this commentary. The patent explains that to detect anomalies, current approaches evaluate transaction data statistically and to validate whether the transaction is indeed anomalous requires significant storage, processing power, and human resources.

The new approach (dzAudit) audits events as they happen against the business process definition. Events that do not follow the right sequences and conditions of the process definition are identified to be anomalous. Current audit methodologies are not automated and have a big latency factor that precludes them from being used for real-time transactional validation.


Please see the link below for a Technical Report prepared by IBM on the dzAudit technology.


Please see the links below for a video about the dzAudit technology.